Erin Cerrato, LMHC


Erin Cerrato, LMHC

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida in which I believe in psycho-therapy in order to assist the ones I serve. I initially found my orientation to be psycho-dynamic, however; knowing this is not the best approach for all clients, I utilize an eclectic approach. Whether it be CBT, Solution Focused, Reality Therapy, Play Therapy,  Behavior Modification or Psycho-dynamic, I pull from a variety of sources in order to assist depending on the needs of the clients I serve.  I believe the relationship with the client coupled with non judgment and compassion is best utilized when one is in despair and seeking assistance from at therapist.

I have worked in a variety of settings in both  Orlando and Jacksonville, with a variety of populations, to include, the Department of Children and Families,  Inpatient hospitalization, Residential settings, outpatient, in home and Private Practice,  as well as with the Department of Juvenile Justice.

I have gained and utilized my expertise in  Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Families, Children, Adolescents, women and men from a variety of backgrounds. I feel selecting from a variety of approaches is best depending on the needs of the client.

I originally began my schooling in New York at SUNY New Paltz,  while working on a Bachelors in Social Work in 1997. I relocated and completed my Bachelors in Sociology at the University of Central Florida in 1999. While working full time I obtained my Masters Degree from Webster University Orlando in 2009 and became an LMHC  (MH11898) in 2013 after relocating to Jacksonville. . I have enjoyed the different aspects and populations within my career and mostly enjoy working to help others reach their potential while ensuring they live a healthy and satisfying life. I believe the most important thing to remember is to NEVER QUIT. Things can always get better!!